8 Seater Minibus Hire

Small groups travelling in Scunthorpe will need a vehicle that is comfortable and reliable. At Scunthorpe Minibus hire, we have various 8-seater vehicles at your disposal. Take the ford galaxy for example. Its air-conditioned interior and plush seats are the height of luxury. Added to this is the entertainment unit on board, which plays music to your taste. The standard seat belts provide safety. However, there are other features on our 8-seaters. The seats in the Mercedes can be re-aligned to face each other. This makes it possible for consultations between the passengers before they reach their destination. It is an arrangement that is especially useful for a business team that is laying out its strategies.

A family can also opt for the 8-seater. Its luxurious interior and the closeness of the seats make for a cosy set up without being claustrophobic. Definitely, it is the car of choice for those who share a bond. Other groups that can reap the benefit of the Scunthorpe minibus hire for 8 passengers are buddies who are out to have a night of fun in the town. In order to increase the luggage space, some of the seats can be removed. Tours, airport transfers and transport to functions will all be handled easily by our 8-seaters. So, talk to us next time you are in Scunthorpe and need transport.

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