Scunthorpe Minibus has a wide range of services to cater for our varied clientele. Business-oriented executives can be rushed to and from the venues of their meetings. Airport transfers are also carried out with our fleet of chauffeur-driven executive saloon cars. Other than the plush interior of these vehicles, you are also assured of privacy. Scunthorpe has a lot to offer visitors. For this reason, our minibuses are available for guided tours that take clients to and from areas of interest in a timely yet comfortable manner. So, whether it is a religious group going on a retreat or scouts on a camping trip, your needs will be met without problems. Quite a number of people plan their weddings in the fine churches and chapels around Scunthorpe. Our Scunthorpe Minibus can carry the guests as the bride rides in one of our executive saloons. We also transport the groomsmen and bridesmaids for their respective stag and hen night. If you would like to go pub-crawling with the boys, we also offer transport so that you can do your stuff without the worry of who will do the driving. For large parties, we provide coaches and 72-seater double-decker buses.

Vehicles Used By Our Bus and Coach Hire Company, Scunthorpe

At Scunthorpe Minibus, we are well known for our top-quality vehicles; the minibuses and coaches that our company procures are top range and compare favourably to the highest standards of comfort in the industry. You can have a look at our high-quality vehicles, which are properly maintained. We have regular maintenance checks scheduled for all our vehicles. Also, we ensure any of your transportation needs within Scunthorpe is catered for to your satisfaction. We pride ourselves on being ranked tops among the prime minibus and coach hiring service providers of Scunthorpe, and we won’t let our position drop because of any flaw. We are committed to excellence in customer service and are always striving to become better than all the other service providers in Scunthorpe. Just have a glimpse of our top-quality vehicles, and you will come to know about the wide range of services we have to offer. Below mentioned is the exclusive fleet of our company.

1.  Iveco 16- seater minibus standard

Are you touring Scunthorpe in a group of 16? Well, if that is the case then you can contact Scunthorpe Minibus and hire our 16-seater-Iveco standard minibus, which is a spacious and luxurious vehicle. Featuring a 6-speed manual transmission, the diesel engine Iveco 16-seater minibus assures superior travelling for you all over in Scunthorpe. This is an efficient, multipurpose and a really spacious means of transport that is touted as the best vehicle for inner city travelling. You and your group are guaranteed of a comfortable and enjoyable ride while travelling in this phenomenal minibus.

Are you a fairly large number of people with a fixed itinerary for your journey?  Hiring a minibus could ultimately lower your charges. Furthermore, the minibus has a great alignment too that sounds pretty good. Should you require it, the minibus can be modified to suit your needs- the seating arrangement or the lighting in the vehicle can be adjusted as per the requirement of our customers. The Iveco’s CNG powered engine reduces environmental impact and increases road performance. So, the minibus from Iveco guarantees to make your journey safe and lavish, and the best part is that it is included in our fleet. The vehicle will be provided to you along with our skilled driver. So, don’t stress yourself about getting lost or being stuck in traffic in an unfamiliar part of town. Just let our knowledgeable drivers at Scunthorpe Minibus take charge of the vehicle all the way.

2.  12-16-seater ford transit minibus standard

Ford provides our elite 12-16-seater transit minibuses. Our Scunthorpe Minibus and coach hire company is the best option for safe, charming and lavish transport service. To ensure your safety and peace of mind, we have included this exclusive minibus in our fleet to offer flawless and high-quality services to you. This vehicle is equipped with advanced technology as the headlights are connected to a sensor that identifies the dimmed lights and turns them on automatically, thus increasing the safety of your journey and helping you to remain calm and secure throughout your journey. Since we understand that music is a vital part creating the mood in a journey, Ford has included a brilliant voice command system in this vehicle that allows you to control the music through voice commands. However, it is on safety that this minibus outdoes itself. You can control the music hands-free. Another feature is that the headlamps have a sensor that turns them on automatically in dim light. That is not all; an electronic control system monitors your vehicle’s movements, and when it notices that you are losing control, it applies the brakes.

3.  Executive Mercedes Vehicle

The Scunthorpe Minibus Mercedes-Benz sprinter vehicle is the best option for executive luxury. It has a great interior, as well as exterior configuration. This vehicle is generally for 6-9 passengers. As you already know, travelling in Mercedes is always associated with style, glamour and luxury. So, avail yourself of this exclusive travelling experiencing by hiring this vehicle for your tour of Scunthorpe. This Scunthorpe Minibus vehicle is very comfortable and really luxurious, which gives you an unparalleled travel experience. Likewise, it has also the best performance on the road.

4.  Renault Master Standard

Scunthorpe Minibus is an experienced company that has been offering services in Scunthorpe for the past many years. We have mostly encountered tourist groups or corporate groups that comprise of 14-17 members. This is the reason why we have focused on arranging more vehicles in our fleet that have the capacity to accommodate 14-17 people. In this context, the Renault Master Standard comes into play, and it is an executive minibus with the capacity of ferrying 14 to 17 passengers. From being spacious and luxurious to offering road grip and excellent performance on the road, it vows to provide you with a completely safe, lavish and charming journey. This Scunthorpe Minibus vehicle is decorated beautifully on the interior, as well as exterior.

5.  Range of other Buses

There is an extensive variety of other buses at Scunthorpe Minibus that are provided to customers according to the number of passengers in their group. We have made sure that we accommodate our customers as much as we can. This is the reason why we have updated our fleet with vehicles of all sizes. Other vehicles in a variety of sizes are mentioned below:

 •    We have an 8-seater minibus that is meant to cater to the demands of smaller groups

•    There is a 12-14-passengers’ minibus that can fulfil the requirements of passengers and also offer good road performance

•    16-seater minibuses are already mentioned in the fleet details

•    24-seater minibuses are provided to groups who have more than 16 members

•    If a group has more than 24 members, our 28 to 35- seater minibus and coach hire services are there to fulfil their requirement and provide them with the bus that can accommodate all of them easily

•    28-35-seater mini coach hire services are also offered by our company to such groups that are bringing class trips or society tours to Scunthorpe

•    The 49-seater coach hire service is available for an even bigger group

•    Double Decker coach 72-seater hiring service is the biggest we can offer. We have tried to include as many vehicles as we can.

Our company provides you with the vehicle that accomplishes your requirements in terms of size, as well as luxury. All you need to do is contact our company and choose a vehicle according to the luxury and size you need so that all the group members can be accommodated. Be assured that our staff will perform beyond your expectations, leaving you admiring our customer service.