Minibus and Coach Hire Prices

To get an idea of our charges, Scunthorpe Minibus looks at the mileage of the trip. Areas that are far-flung will attract higher rates while trips within the city centre are cheaper. There are also different packages for the various vehicles. For example, a luxury minibus will cost more. If you need extra trimmings such as a chilled champagne bucket or wine, these will cost more. Please check with us to confirm which trimmings are on the company and which ones are to be paid for.

Although we do our best to respond to your needs in a timely manner, you get a discount if you book our services early. This gives us time to ensure every detail is in place on time. In addition, we also time to ensure our vehicles will be at your disposal on the material date. Obviously, if you need a vehicle for a few hours, you will be billed differently from one who needs it for the whole night. Another consideration is the driver services that you need. If you simply want to hire our vehicles and self-drive, you will pay less than if you require a driver. In case you need to be chauffeured to your venue, the cost will be a bit higher. We are willing to talk and arrive at an agreement if you need special consideration based on your budget.

 During the high season, prices at Scunthorpe Minibus are likely to rise quite a bit as the demand is high. It is, therefore, advisable to book early to avoid disappointments. Early booking also affords you a better bargain. During the low season, prices drop. So, be sure to plan your trips as a school, church or any other groups during the low season. This will ensure that you get the best service at the most competitive rates.


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